The Battle of Groton Heights & The Burning of New London -- September 6, 1781
"We shall not surrender, let the consequences by what they may"-Col.Wm. Ledyard --Commander of Ft.Griswold

The Battle of Groton Heights & The Burning of New London
The battle began and ended on September 6, 1781 while often barely mentioned in history text books or listed at best as a "footnote" in American History this website has been set up to give information on not only the "raid" that eventually led to the burning of New London and the Battle of Groton Heights during the American Revolution but what those towns were like in the times leading up to September 6, 1781 and what happened to them and the surrounding communities after that day.

The Raid on New London and Groton Heights had been planned over a period of time,  and hastened by the capture of the HMS Hanna one of Sir Henry Clinton's prize supply ships by the New London Privateer Minerva in the summer of 1781. The plan hatched by Clinton set forth one of his favorite manners of waging warfare which was to conduct a lightning raid on a seaport with torch in hand. In the raid on New London's case the plan conceived was to put an end to the privateering exploits of those in the  "Den of Serpents" (New London) and to draw the attention of Washington and Rochambeau who were heading to meet each other to destroy the southern Army of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, VA.

While I was a child my father often told me about the monument and fort that rose above the Thames River in Groton and took me to the grounds of the fort for the historic 200th Anniversary Re-Enactment of the Battle of Groton Heights.
This website is dedicated to my father James Andriopoulos who passed away on August 31, 2006, who sparked my interest in our history and will always bring me pleasant thoughts of my father.

This website is a living creation of my passion for history and will be updated with new information as it warrants.
Please enjoy the website and feel free to contact me at info @  with your suggestions.

New Information 2009-2010

Web Site from the folks behind preserving and protecting many of New London's Historic Buildings.

We have added a painting of New London Harbor ca. 1776 to the New London/Groton page of the site. It features Continental Officers meeting and discussing the loading of supplies for the eventual defense of New York. Featured are likely Generals Nathanael Greene, Joseph Spencer and or Samuel H. Parsons and or Nathaniel Shaw or Thomas Shaw. If you know more about this painting please let us know or if you have more information or paintings , maps of downtown New London let us again know.

Web Site on The Richard Douglass House in New London. Dedicated to preserving the history of one of New London's most arden patriots and a veteran of the American Revolution from the Lexington Alarm in 1775 to the Disbanding of the Army in 1783. See

Our friends at have listed several videos and a 2 part documentary (waiting for part three) on the 225th Anniversary Re-enactment of the Battle of Groton Heights and The Burning of New London. Please see the links below and enjoy!

Documentary Part I- Preparing for and the Burning of New London (courtesy of Attention Universe)

Documentary Part II- Heading to Fort Griswold & Attack on Fort (courtesy of Attention Universe)
Video of the Regulars begin their assault on the Fort.
Regulars Storm Outer Walls... Jordan Freeman in Action

While surfing the web I found another interesting site on New London's Ancientest Burial Ground (1652-1793) where Benedict Arnold reportedly viewed the events on the other side of the Thames River in 1781. Capt.Adam Shapley of New London was wounded in the assault and died several months later in 1782 and now rests in the very same burial ground.





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